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At Spotify, we welcome you with an inclusion mindset, one that prioritizes growth through listening and learning. No matter where you come from, or what’s playing in your headphones, we want to create a place where you belong.

Actions, not just words

Listen and learn

Discover the new voices, perspectives and experiences playing out on our platform right now.

What it means to us

Creating a diverse, equitable and inclusive culture where anyone feels like they belong takes an inclusion mindset, awareness and intentionality. But perhaps most of all, it takes action. Here’s what Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging means to us.


An inclusion mindset

Having an inclusion mindset means applying a growth mindset to inclusion.

Onwards and upwards

Global workforce by gender

US ethnicity data

We’re moving in the right direction, but we know there’s more work to be done.

Bear with us, there are still a few gaps in our reported ethnicity data which is currently US-only. We work hard to collect responses from our people around the world and do periodic calls for disclosure, which is always optional, to get us closer to 100%.

*Native American & Indigenous includes American Indian, Alaska Natives, Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islanders as categorized by U.S. government reporting standards.

Our aspirational goals

Spotify’s committed to building a workforce that is reflective of the creators, artists and consumers on the platform.

Our approach to inclusive hiring starts with aligning our understanding around representation and inclusivity

A global approach with a local focus

At Spotify, we rally around global Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging areas that are designed and implemented to reach all band members, wherever they are in the world.

Some of our global focus areas include:

LGBTQIA+ inclusion

Disability inclusion

Racial equity

Women & gender equity

Learn more about our workforce by gender

Our belonging communities

Led by our band members and open to all, including our many and numerous allies, our Belonging Groups, Affinity Networks and Remix Chapters elevate those voices that are under-represented in our industry or historically marginalized.


Communities within Spotify

Able, creating an accessible workplace for band members with disabilities

Arabs, fostering a safe environment for Spotifiers from the Middle East and North Africa region

BLK, championing allyship, education, and cultural awareness for Black Spotifiers

Banda, an inclusive community for Spotify's Latinx band members

Christians, making a positive impact on Spotifiers of faith

Desis, celebrating the richness of the culture of South Asian Spotifiers

Muslims, supporting, empowering, and fostering Muslims and allies

Parents, connecting current and soon-to-be caregivers

Remix, our broadly diverse community inspiring people to bring their whole selves to work

Shalom, providing community and connection rooted in Jewish culture, tradition, and values

SPACE, home for those who identify as or support the Asian community

Spectrum, Spotify's LGBTQIA+ community

Women, providing resources and development support for the women of Spotify

Veterans, fostering an inclusive community for veterans and supporters

GenZ, connecting early career Spotifiers

Persians, empowering and providing community for all Persian Spotifiers