We’re many different voices, sharing the same stage

This is how we rock

It’s hard to capture the true culture of a company and put it into words. But we went ahead and did it anyway in this, our band manifesto.

Our mission

To unlock the potential of human creativity by giving a million creators the opportunity to live off their art and billions of fans the opportunity to enjoy and be inspired by it.

Power to our people

It doesn’t matter where you join us or in what role. You’ll be supported to do your best work, enjoy your day-to-day and get where you want to go.

Work in progress

Growth is our mantra. So at Spotify, we don’t just ask you to embrace learning, we ask you to own it. When you do, you’ll find all the guidance and support you need to truly thrive.

One image out of three
One image out of three
One image out of three

Play your part

We’re audio pioneers and proud of it. Get to know the areas of our business and find the right role for you.

Work from

Our global benefits

There are benefits to being in our band, and we’re not just talking about free Spotify Premium. Our rewards reflect our inclusive values and are extended to every band member, regardless of location or seniority.

Extensive learning opportunities, through our dedicated team, GreenHouse.

Flexible share incentives letting you choose how you share in our success.

Global parental leave, six months off - fully paid - for all new parents.

All The Feels, our employee assistance program and self-care hub.

Flexible public holidays, swap days off according to your values and beliefs.

Feel at home at work

We want to make the world a more inclusive, more socially responsible place. Here’s how.