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You don’t need to create a rap CV or resume to get an internship at Spotify. Show us who you are, what you care about, and where you want to go - we’ll show you the rest.

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Our student programs are anything but conventional. You’ll be right at the heart of major projects, working with teams of passionate people and helping us to create the next awesome thing. What’s more, you’ll be making a real impact on our business, and the world.

What we offer

Whatever you’re studying, we have all kinds of programs to suit you – summer internships, mentorships, rotational programs, take your pick.

10-13 weeks, over summer

Global Summer Internship

Applications open every winter

18 weeks

Technology Fellowship Program

Applications open spring or summer

24 months

Finance Analyst Rotation

Applications open spring

15 months

Rotational Product Management Program

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Fresh opportunities

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You’re invited

Want to go backstage and see what life at Spotify is like? Join us at one of our upcoming student events.

We’re still finalizing this year’s line up. But check back soon, we’d love to see you at an event (or three).

Listen in

Curious about life at Spotify? Queue up the Life at Spotify podcast and get a behind the scenes view of what being a band member really is all about.

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One image out of three
One image out of three

Stay tuned

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Still curious?

What is the summer internship recruitment timeline?

Who is eligible for the summer internship program?

Do you accept applications that are received after the application deadline?

Do I have to be referred by a Spotify employee to apply or be considered for an internship?

Do you sponsor visas for internships?

Do you have new grad or new master’s grad opportunities?

Are summer internships rotational?

Can you connect me with Spotify employees in the jobs or departments I’m most interested in?

Will Spotify be visiting my campus?

Are Spotify internships paid?

How can I stand out in my application and in the interview process?

Do I need to be a musician or podcaster to get a Spotify internship?

If I want to get data and information for my research, what do I do?

Can I interview someone from Spotify for my thesis?

Can I write my (bachelor/master) thesis at Spotify?

I’m in high school - can I intern at Spotify (if only for a few days)?

Can I / my school / my students / my org visit an Spotify office?

What do you do to ensure you hire a diverse cohort of students?

How can I contact you for sponsoring of events or participation in career fairs?

Still at school?

We’re thrilled you’re thinking of a career in our industry and are interested in all things Spotify. Whilst we’re not running any internships or programs for primary school or high school students right now, why not check out our Spotify for Developers site to learn more about our platform?

Go to Spotify for Developers