Hey, it’s okay not to be okay

We want our culture to be a place where people feel safe to ask for and receive the support they need, free from judgment and stigma.

Heart & Soul

Thoughts and feelings

Explore a wealth of audio content designed to start conversations, break stigmas and boost moods.

Our approach

With Heart & Soul, we aim to do three things. We believe all need to co-exist to make a meaningful impact on our culture and our people.

Heart & Soul Under The Spotlight report


Raise awareness and build knowledge.


Enable proactive self-care and professional support.


Normalize the conversation surrounding mental health to reduce stigma.

Our ambassadors are at the heart of this work

Three pillars may help us to focus our efforts, but Heart & Soul cannot truly thrive without the help of others.


All the feels

Stigma grows in silence. We aim to combat it by making help and support more accessible.

Mental health resources

Recognising and responding to abuse at home

We believe that everybody has a vital role to play in preventing and tackling domestic abuse.

Partnering up