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Data, Research & Insights

We believe in mixed methods and diverse teams, investing a lot in creativity and experimentation to achieve broad narratives we can act on as a business.

We’re a driving force behind business decisions - big and small. It’s our job to understand the ecosystem of listeners, fans, creators, content, and advertisers, and use our learnings to help define where we go and what we do next.

Advising from afar isn’t what we do. Instead, we like to make a direct impact and become valuable, long-term partners to the teams we serve. All so we can deliver what we’re here for - hands-on user research and analytics, sophisticated modeling and forecasting, and cutting-edge technical research.

Data Science

Data analysis is how we get to know our business better, understand what people like, connect them with the right content, and communicate effectively. It’s also how we further our key product and business goals too.

User Research

We deliver a deeper understanding of our listeners, creators, and partners, their behavior, and the challenges they face. We then turn this into insights for the business, the kind that can drive truly user-centered innovation and product development.

Product Insights

Not an individual discipline, but the integration of many from areas like Data Science, User Research, Analytics Engineering, and more. It’s a novel approach, but one that’s really working for us. We work as one with the Product teams, helping to guide decisions by backing them up with a blend of insights and analysis.

Research Science

We create cutting-edge experiences for our listeners and creators. With our pioneering research, we’re helping to redefine what state of the art means in our industry and beyond, regularly contributing to the wider research community by publishing papers. AI heavily informs our research and helps us achieve our goals, from matching listeners with the content they want - or didn’t even know they wanted - to AI-assisted music creation tools.

Market Research

We look at the world around us and extract what it can tell us about consumers in any given market. Economics, demographics, attitudes, perceptions, and experiences, we gather and analyze insights in a broad range of qualitative and quantitative ways to better inform business decisions.

Data & Insights Leadership

We ensure Data, Research & Insights as a whole are working on the most important and most impactful areas. We work closely with leadership in Product, Design, Engineering, and Business, keeping our ambitions aligned and helping to successfully navigate any ambiguous problem space.

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Data, Research & Insights

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